TiPEX: a tool chain for Timed Property Enforcement during eXecution

The paper TiPEX: a tool chain for Timed Property Enforcement during eXecution has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of RV 2015, the 15th international conference on Runtime Verification.

Here is the abstract of the paper below.

The TiPEX tool implements the enforcement monitoring algorithms for timed properties proposed in [1]. Enforcement monitors are generated from timed automata specifying timed properties. Such monitors correct input sequences by adding extra delays between events. Moreover, TiPEX also provides modules to generate timed automata from patterns, compose them, and check the class of properties they belong to in order to optimize the monitors. This paper also presents the performance evaluation of TiPEX within some experimental setup.

This is joint work with S. Pinisetty, T. Jéron, and H. Marchand from Inria Rennes.

TiPEX is available at the following URL:

http: //srinivaspinisetty.github.io/Timed-Enforcement-Tools/

[1] Srinivas Pinisetty, Yliès Falcone, Thierry Jéron, Hervé Marchand, Antoine Rollet, Omer Nguena-Timo:
Runtime enforcement of timed properties revisited. Formal Methods in System Design 45(3): 381-422 (2014)