I am or was involved in several software-development projects:

  • BISM: Bytecode-level Instrumentation for Software Monitoring.
  • THEMIS: THEMIS: A Tool for Decentralized Monitoring Algorithms.
  • DecentMon: An OCaml Benchmark for Decentralised LTL Monitoring.

The following pieces of software are not maintained anymore.

  • TAKOS: A Toolbox for the K-Opacity of Systems.
  • Weave Droid: Aspect-Oriented Programming on Android Devices: fulled embedded or in the cloud.
    WeaveDroid allowed to enable aspect-oriented programming on Android devices. It proposed two weaving mode: embedded on the device or in the cloud.
  • RV-Droid: Runtime Verification and Enforcement for Android Applications.
    RV-Droid allowed to verify at runtime Android applications against user-defined properties. It was based on WeaveDroid and proposed two integration modes of monitors (embedded or in the cloud).
  • RV-BIP: Runtime Verification of BIP systems.
    RV-BIP allowed to augment a component-based system defined in the BIP framework with a monitor so as to verify user-defined properties.
  • Java-PT: Property and their Testability with Java.
    Java-PT allowed to describe properties as Streett automata and check whether these properties are testable in that they allow reaching a verdict indicating whether it is possible to check some relation between the system under test and the properties hold or not.<
  • j-VETO: a Java Verification and Enforcement Toolbox.
    j-VETO allowed to synthesize runtime verification monitors from properties formalized as Streett automata.
  • j-POST: Property-Oriented Software Testing for Java