To students

Some useful links for the students of Univ. Grenoble ALPES





Some general bits of advice to students

The following bits of advice may seem quite common and/or naive, but this is the key to get your grade.

  • Pay attention during the lectures:
    You should never get out of a lecture room without having an understanding of everything. Exercise sessions are not purposed to understand the lectures but to practice.
  • Ask questions during the lectures if you don’t understand something.
    If you have a question, at least two of your fellows have the same question.
  • Work hard and on a regular basis.
    Thinking that you can assimilate the content one week before the exam is illusory.
  • Don’t get lost in the middle of the semester:
    Talk with your fellows about things you don’t understand or contact me.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are lost on something.
    I am generally available and willing to help. Try first to solve the problem by yourself, then try with your fellows. If you are still stuck on something send me an email. We can even meet (on appointment).
  • Never give up.