Research-oriented Service

Program Committee Chairing:

  • DATE 2019 and 2020, Topic E3.
  • SAC 2016 and SAC 2017, Track on Software Verification and Testing.
  • RV 2016.

Program Committee Memberships:

SAC-SVT’20, AFADL’19, SHPCS’19, IFIP-ICTSS’19, RV’19, FDL’19, 4PAD’19, TASE’19, SAC-SVT’19, RUME’18, VORTEX’18, 4PAD’18, RV’18, TASE’18, DATE’18, CRI’17, MSR’17, RV-CuBES, RV’17, RW-BRMS’17, TASE 2017, iFM 2017, PDP 2017, DATE 2017 – Topic E3, CARI 2016, SSS’16, RV’16 (PC chair), Pre-Post’16, SAC-SVT’16, CRI’15, MSR’15, IPAC’15, PCODA’15, RV’15, SAC-SVT’15, SecTest’14, CSRV’14, FORTE’14, RV’14 (main track), RV’14 (tool track), RV’13, MSR’13, SecTest’13, Isola’12, RV’12, SecTest’12, SERP’11, RV’09.

Reviews for International Journals and Conferences:

  • Journals: I have been involved in reviewing for the following journals:
    Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming, Distributed ComputingACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM)Formal Aspects of Computing, ACM Transactions on Automatic and Control, Acta Informatica, Formal Methods in System Design, International Journal of Information and Computer Security, Science of Computer Programming, Software Tools for Technology Transfer, Journal of Systems and Software, ACM Transaction on Aspect-Oriented Development, The Computer Journal, ACM Transactions on Information and System Security, Elsevier Computer Review, Software Testing, Verification and Reliability.
  • Conferences (in addition to PC memberships):
    ETAPS 2019, TACAS 2017, NFM 2016ASE 2015, OOPSLA 2015, FM 2015, CAV 2015DAC 2015, DATE 2015, CAV 2014, MBT 2014, SAC-SVT 2014, DATE 2014, SSS 2013, SecTest 2013, FM 2012, ICST 2012, DATE 2012, ICFEM 2011, HSCC 2011, FASE 2011, WoDES 2010, VECoS 2010, TASE 2010, CAV 2009, RV 2008.

Reviews of projects:

  • ANR (French NSF) Grants (2019).
  • Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (2018),
  • American University of Beirut projects (2015),
  • Icelandic Center for Research projects (2014),
  • American University of Beirut projects (2014),
  • ANRT Ph.D. Grant (2013),
  • ANR (French NSF) Grants (2013).

Reviewing and examining research thesis:

  • Technical University of Vienna, Ph.D. thesis of Konstantin Seluyin (2017) — reviewer.
  • University of Malta, Master thesis of Ian Cassar (2015) — reviewer.
  • Université du Quebec à Chicoutimi (UQAC), Ph.D. thesis of Eric Lupaud Ngoupé (2015) — reviewer.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Ph.D. thesis of Modhy Alsobeihy (2015) — examiner.
  • University of Malta, Master thesis of Gabriel Dimech (2014) — reviewer.
  • Université du Quebec à Chicoutimi (UQAC), Master thesis of Simon Varvaressos (2014) — reviewer.

Contributions to the organization of scientific events:

  • IsoLA 2018 (co-organization with E. Bartocci) for the track on “RV-TheToP: Runtime Verification from the Theory To the industry Practice ” – link.
  • RV Summit: Winter school on Runtime Verification + COST ArVI meeting (Scientific organization and Logistic co-organization) – link.
  • SPIN 2017, the 24th International SPIN Symposium on Model Checking of Software (Publicity Chair) – link.
  • IsoLA 2016 (co-organization with E. Bartocci) for the track on “Runtime Verification and Enforcement: the Application Perspective” – link
  • 1st International Summer School on Runtime Verification (Scientific Organization & Lecturer) – link.
  • RV 2016, the 16th international conference on Runtime Verification (PC Chair)link.
  • CRV 2016, the 3rd international Competition on Runtime Verification (Chair)link.
  • CRV 2015, the 2nd international Competition on Runtime Verification (Chair) – link.
  • Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems 2014 (Chair) – link,
  • RV 2014 (chair of the publicity committee) – link,
  • CSRV 2014, the 1st International Competition on Software for Runtime Verification (co-Chair) – link,
  • ETAPS 2014 (Publicity chair and assisting the general Organization chair) – link,
  • MAROC 2013 (organization committee and PC co-chair) – link,
  • Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems 2013 – link,
  • IsoLA 2012 (co-organization with Lenore D. Zuck) for the track on “Runtime Verification: the Application Perspective” – link,
  • AFADL’12 (Organization committee) – link,
  • RV’10 (Publicity Chair),
  • CAV’09 (Organization committee) – link,
  • VVPS’09 (Web).