General Information

As a fellow teacher at University of Grenoble (UJF), I am involved at several levels of students’ curriculums. I do most of my teaching duties at UFR IM2AG (the CS & Math department of U of Grenoble) and DLST (the license/bachelor department).

On this website I am just listing the courses I am teaching. It serves two purposes: i) getting the courses hopefully referred by Google and co., and, ii) my personal recording over the years. I intentionally avoid uploading PDFs and administrative information (schedule, team information, etc.) on my website as per personal belief: I do not want University courses to be identified as belonging to me or my lab, but rather belonging to a global university’s portfolio. It also facilitates students’ understanding and retrieval of information. A rich university portfolio might also, arguably, favor their curiosity :-).

Hence, I rather use university facilities such as Moodle. On the following pages you will only find links to the Moodle pages of the course I am currently in charge. All courses I have participated in are freely available in PDF and open outside the university. Should you want the LaTeX sources, feel free to drop me an email. Moreover, I would be very happy to build (inter)-national and collaborative courses. Please contact me if you are interested.

Year 2016 – 2017

I was co-supervising the first year of the Master in computer science, international parcours.

As an Associate Professor in University of Grenoble-Alpes (UGA), I was teaching:

  • Semester 1
    • Introduction to Runtime Verification and Enforcement in International Master, year two (lecture).
    • Reminders on proof techniques and logic in International Master year one (lecture and tutorial).
    • Reminders on Object-oriented Design and Programming in Master year 1.
    • Programming Languages and Compiler Design in International Master (supervising, english lecture, and english tutorial).
    • Languages and Automata in Bachelor year 2 (supervising, french lecture, and english tutorial).
    • Jury for the research projects of Master 1 students in the international students.
  • Semester 2: no course, teaching duties done in Semester 1.