Runtime Verification of Component-Based Systems in the BIP Framework with Formally-Proved Sound and Complete Instrumentation

The paper Runtime Verification of Component-Based Systems in the BIP Framework with Formally-Proved Sound and Complete Instrumentation has been accepted to the international journal SOSYM: SOftware and SYstem Modeling.

Here is an abstract of the paper:

Verification of component-based systems still suffers from limitations such as state space explosion since a large number of different components may interact in an heterogeneous environment. These limitations entail the need for complementary verification methods such as runtime verification based on dynamic analysis and apt to scalability.

In this paper, we integrate runtime verification into the BIP (Behavior, Interaction and Priority) framework. BIP is a powerful and expressive component-based framework for the formal construction of heterogeneous systems. Our method augments BIP systems with monitors to check specifications at runtime. This method has been implemented in RV-BIP, a prototype tool that we used to validate the whole approach on a robotic application.

This is joint work with M. Jaber, Th-H. Nguyen, M. Bozga, and S. Bensalem.

Pre-print is available here.