Runtime Enforcement with Reordering, Healing, and Suppression

The paper entitle “Runtime Enforcement with Reordering, Healing, and Suppression” has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods.

The paper abstract is below:

Runtime enforcement analyses an execution trace, detects when this execution deviates from its expected behaviour with respect to a given property, and corrects the trace to make it satisfy the property. In this paper, we present new enforcement techniques that reorder actions when necessary, inject actions to the application to ensure progress of the property, and discard actions to avoid storing too many unnecessary actions. At any step of the enforcement, we provide a verdict, called enforcement trend in this work, which takes its value in a 4-valued truth domain. Our approach has been implemented in a tool and validated on several application examples. Experimental results show that our techniques better preserve the application actions, hence ensuring better service continuity.

This is joint work with Gwen Salaün.