@Matthieu Renard’s Ph.D. thesis defence in Bordeaux, France

Today I’m at the defence of Matthieu Renard Ph.D. thesis in Bordeaux, France.

Matthieu’s thesis is entitled Runtime Enforcement of (Timed) Properties with Uncontrollable Events. 

This thesis studies the runtime enforcement of timed properties when some events are uncontrollable. This work falls in the domain of runtime verification, which includes all the techniques and tools based on or related to the monitoring of system executions with respect to requirement properties. These properties can be specified using different models such as logic formulae or automata. We consider timed regular properties, that can be represented by timed automata. As for runtime verification, a runtime enforcement mechanism watches the executions of a system, but instead of just outputting a verdict, it modifies the execution so that it satisfies the property. We are interested in runtime enforcement with uncontrollable events. An uncontrollable event is an event that an enforcement mechanism can not modify. We describe the synthesis of enforcement mechanisms, in both a functional and an operational way, that enforce some desired timed regular property. We define two equivalent enforcement mechanisms, the first one being simple, without considering complexity aspects, whereas the second one has a better time complexity thanks to the use of game theory; the latter being better suited for implementation. We also detail a tool that implements the second enforcement mechanism, as well as some performance considerations. The overhead introduced by the use of our tool seems low enough to be used in some real-time application scenarios.