Facilitating the implementation of distributed systems with heterogeneous interactions

The paper Facilitating the implementation of distributed systems with heterogeneous interactions has been accepted for publications in the proceedings of iFM 2018, the 14th International Conference on integrated Formal Methods. iFM 2018 will be held on 5th -7th September 2018, in Maynooth University, Ireland.

Below is the abstract of the paper:

We introduce HDBIP an extension of the Behavior Interaction Priority (BIP) framework. BIP is a component-based framework with a rigorous operational semantics and high-level interaction model. HDBIP extends BIP interaction model by allowing heterogeneous interactions targeting distributed systems. HDBIP allows both multiparty and direct send/receive interactions that can be directly mapped to an underlying communication library. Then, we present a correct and efficient code generation from HDBIP to C++ implementation using Message Passing Interface (MPI). We present a non-trivial case study showing the effectiveness of HDBIP.