Nov 112016

The paper entitled A high-level modeling language for the efficient design, implementation, and testing of Android applications has been accepted for publication in Software Tools for Technology Transfer, a Springer journal, and is now available for download.

Developing mobile applications remains difficult, time consuming, and error prone, in spite of the number of existing platforms and tools. In this paper, we develop MoDroid, a high-level modeling language to ease the development of Android applications. MoDroid allows developing models representing the core of applications. MoDroid provides Android programmers with the following advantages: (1) models are built using high-level primitives that abstract away several implementation details; (2) it allows the definition of interfaces between models to automatically compose them; (3) a native Android application can be automatically generated along with the required permissions definition; (4) it supports efficient testing execution that operates on models. MoDroid is fully implemented and was used to develop several non-trivial Android applications.

The paper is available as OnlineFirst on Springer Website and can be obtained by following this link. The pre-print can be downloaded by following this link.

This is joint work with Mohamad Jaber, Kinan Dak-Al-Bab, John Abou-Jaoudeh & Mostafa El-Katerji from American University of Beirut, Lebanon.


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