May 182018

The paper entitled Modularizing Behavioral and Architectural Crosscutting Concerns in Formal Component-Based Systems – Application to the Behavior Interaction Priority Framework has been accepted for publication in Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming (Elsevier)

The abstract of the paper is below:

We define a method to modularize crosscutting concerns in Component-Based Systems (CBSs) expressed using the Behavior Interaction Priority (BIP) framework. Our method is inspired from the Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) paradigm which was initially conceived to support the separation of concerns during the development of monolithic systems. BIP has a formal operational semantics and makes a clear separation between architecture and behavior to allow for compositional and incremental design and analysis of systems. We distinguish local from global aspects. Local aspects model concerns at the component level and are used to refine the behavior of components. Global aspects model concerns at the architecture level, and hence refine communications (synchronization and data transfer) between components. We formalize local and global aspects as well as their composition and integration into a BIP system through rigorous transformation primitives. We present AOP-BIP, a tool for Aspect-Oriented Programming of BIP systems, demonstrate its use to modularize logging, security, and fault tolerance in a network protocol, and discuss its possible use in runtime verification of CBSs.

This is joint work with Antoine El-Hokayem (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France) and Mohamad Jaber (American University of Beirut, Lebanon).

Mar 232013

Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems

July 8-12, 2013 Grenoble, France

EIT ICT Labs and PERSYVAL-Lab are organizing the first edition of the CPS Summer School. The CPS Summer School will explore the manifold relationship between networked embedded systems and humans as their creators, users, and subjects. The format of the Summer School will be a five days meeting, organized around different aspects of rigorous engineering of Cyber Physical Systems.

The CPS Summer School will bring together some of the best lecturers from Europe and the USA, in a one week programme. The programme will offer world-class courses and significant opportunities for interaction with leading researchers in the area of Cyber Physical Systems.


  • Computer security and cryptography.
  • System modelling.
  • Medical devices.
  • Sensor networks.

Invited Speakers:

  • Prof. Manfred Broy – TU Munich (Germany).
  • Dr. Olivier Coutelou – Schneider Electric Grenoble (France).
  • Dr. Julien Francq – Cassidian (France).
  • Prof. Kim G Larsen – Aalborg University (Denmark).
  • Dr. David Lesens – Astrium Space Transportation (France).
  • Prof. Peter Marwedel – TU Dortmund (Germany).
  • Dr. Emmanuel Prouff – ANSSI (France).
  • Prof. Joseph Sifakis – EPFL (Switzerland) and Verimag (France).
  • Prof. Oleg Sokolsky – University of Pennsylvania (USA).
  • Dr. Jocelyne Troccaz – TIMC/CNRS, Grenoble (France).
  • Dr. Thomas Watteyne – Dust Networks, Inc., Hayward (USA).
Registration fee is €350 for students, €500 for non-students, which includes lunches and coffee breaks from Monday 8th through Friday 12th, and a party.  The registration fee only partially covers the costs incurred. The remaining costs are covered by the EIT ICT Labs and PERSYVAL-Lab. The local organization committee has arranged university accommodations for students. The accommodation student-fee for the week is 200 euros.

Important Dates and Application Procedure:

  • Deadline for Application: May 15, 2013.
  • Response to Applicants: May 20, 2013.
  • Online Registration and Fee payment: May 30, 2013.
Since attendance is limited, priority will be given to Ph.D. students and companies’ staff.
More details can be found at:
Applications can be submitted at:
Enquiries can be sent to cps-school.organization AT imag DOT fr.